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Biodegradable bags are becoming increasingly popular throughout the UK. Why are many businesses and organisations turning to biodegradable carrier bags, instead of using the traditional plastic shopping bags? This is simple! It's because plastic biodegradable bags are so much kinder to the environment as they have a special 'safe' chemical added to them which helps break down the plastic, and makes it degradable. These carrier bags are far more kinder to the environment than standard carriers, and are even becoming a necessity with most government authorities and councils. These bags can be printed exactly the same as standard bags, and in fact, look just the same as standard printed plastic bags as the added 'agent' is not visible to the human eye. If you require a branded carrier bag, and want be green with your actions, then biodegradable carrier bags are the way to go.

With the reduced cost of biodegradable plastic, environmentally friendly bags are cheaper to produce than what they used to be. Biodegradable plastic bags are a step in the right direction and allow businesses and organisations to help towards the global cause of building a 'greener' future.

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Item 1 - Anadised USB Flashdrive
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Item 1 - Anadised USB Flashdrive
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